Elite Chandelier website design and branding

The Problem

Elite Chandelier has been established since 1910 and past down through the generations. They had become stuck where they were and had started to continually attract the wrong type of clients due to the out-dated logo and brand message they portrayed.


We agreed upon the design and creation of new consistent branding assets and a new website built from the ground up.

  • We recovered the family storey and the main message of the chandelier company that had been handed down through the generations
  • Reinvented the logo to grow with the company, keeping some important heirloom
  • Update their identity to best tell their storey and reflect the message
  • Redesign their website with their new identity
  • Create assets in the new brand, letterhead, business cards, envelope, and bespoke stamp
Elite Chandelier website design and branding


  • A brand that communicates the storey and correct message
  • Increased company recognition
  • Attracted the targeted audience
  • Increased Website visitors and audience engagement
  • Sales conversion rates increased