Alive Beauty Salon website redesign


Alive beauty salon had a very old website that did not provide a good experience for their audience or do what they wanted it to do. This caused the site to be used less and less and give the salon a completely different atmosphere to the salon itself.


Simplifying the website to make everything easier to find, to give visitors a relaxed feeling before they even attend the salon was the most important goal, with a simple theme of white with splashes of red, we managed to create the feeling of space whilst still drawing attention to important parts of the website.

  • Removing complicated confusing elements of the old website
  • Update of all information and prices
  • A design that brings the salon up-to-date and engages more visitors
Alive Beauty Salon website redesign


  • Up-to-date information and prices leading to less confusion
  • An increase in customers and website engagement
  • Established a fresh new look, to reflect how you would feel when as you enter their salon