Easy Blog Post

An easy formula to writing blog posts

Make blogging enjoyable - There is probably lots of frameworks for writing blogs out there but this one helped me stop procrastinating when needing to write blog posts, and now I actually enjoy it. It’s in parts and really easy to follow.

We probably all know by now that to get good clients that we like to work with, we need to write content to attract them, let them get to know us and help them as much as possible. When writing blog posts I used to end up going off on tangents and not quite knowing what to put where and if it was going to help. It made writing posts hard and so I would procrastinate when I knew I should be writing.

The blog formula/framework/template
While spending some time getting to know Troy from WP Elevation online, he provided what he calls a content creation framework (because you can use it when creating other content ie videos, podcast etc) to help people blog.  I found it so useful, it helped me enjoy writing and so thought I would share it.

The promise
The introduction of your content should outline that promise that you intend to deliver.  Why should somebody read, watch or listen to your content?

E.g. In this article, you will learn how to plan your saving for your retirement in 4 simple steps.

The Problem
The next section of your content needs to outline the problem that they are facing. This is designed to reinforce why they should read your article.

E.g. The problem is at the moment when you retire you are only going have state pension to live on and you might not be able to keep up with the lifestyle to desire.

Myth busting
In this next section, you can position yourself as an expert by busting a common myth that they are likely to believe.  This can also be an old school way of thinking that is holding them back.

E.g. You might think that the state pension alone will be enough to support you. I’ll admit it. Before I started working in finance I thought this, and it seems that many do

The method
In this section, you actually teach your 3 to 7 teaching points
Piece together your patchwork of pensions
Consider combining your pensions
Come up with a contribution plan
Keep your contributions up

Do’s and Dont’s
in this section, you outline some of the tips for advanced users and the mistakes that newcomers make.

E.g. Don’t keep telling yourself “I’ll do it next year I’m still young, I will have more money soon, I’ll set up a pension pot then”

Next Steps
Finish off your piece of content with a call to action or an action step. Give your readers something to do and they are far more likely to remember you.

Change the subheadings to relevant heading and use lists to make the article very easy to read
You don’t have to rigidly keep to this sometimes I leave one out if I don’t think I have anything to put in there usually the myth buster.

For You
Here is a download link to the Blog framework to print it off for your desk or keep on your desktop for whenever you write a blog post. I have it in both places, it has helped me write blogs so much quicker and to know that the blog is written in a way that people like to consume information.