your target market

Defining your target audience

Here I will take you through a quick and simple way for you to really know your target audience. This helps you define their biggest problems and how you best serve them. This will make every bit of marketing 10 times easier.

Not defining your audience
If you don’t define your target audience you won’t know how to best serve them.  Writing content, marketing and selling your services or products will feel like hard work and you will end up selling to the wrong people or no one.
Your business may have come to that stage where you need to start attracting a different audience (younger, older, richer) to change with the ever-changing times and this formula will help you do that quickly.

The formula
To identify who your ideal client is, ask yourself this question: who stands to benefit the most from your products and services?

This “who” will be the most profitable and the best source of referrals for your business. Use John Jantsch’s formula from his book Duct Tape Marketing to bring your “who to life”.

Physical description + what they want + their biggest problem + how they buy + the best way to communicate with them.

Physical Description:
John, 45 has been running his business for 5 years now earning approximately £500k pa, he drives a Mercedes when not driving his work van, has a wife and two children.

He wants his website redesigned to match the new brand, attract a new clientele, give his current clientele a good experience on all devices with quick easy access to their accounts and information and generate more leads from it.

His problem:
The problem is he feels so overwhelmed by all the tactics he keeps seeing and lacks a logical and consistent online strategy

How do they buy:
He is influenced by his peers

How do you communicate with them:
His spends a lot of time online researching new ideas on attracting influencers to his organization

Add an image
Now find a google image of a random person who fits this description, attach it to the persona you just wrote, print it out and save it on your computer desktop. Whenever you are creating content or marketing materials for your business get your persona up read it and make sure what you are doing is going to benefit that person, you can create a different persona for each service or product you sell.

Visit your website and read all of the pages, view all of the images and work your way through the site as if you were this person.

Ask yourself these questions
1. Does the language used on the website resonate with you?
2. Are the images engaging to look at?
3. Is the information relevant and interesting?

Everyone being your target audience
Thinking that everyone is your target audience is a big mistake and when people tell me this my response is usually, so you what to appeal to 5-year-olds? just to give it some perspective (unless that is their target market)

If you don’t know the answers to some of these question you should think about doing some research, You can do this using social media websites and surveys (survey monkey) on your favourite customers/clients. You can read about some of these techniques in our post “researching your target audience”

This is part of our in-depth discovery where we dive deeper into finding your target audience and helping you obtain a successful marketing strategy.