Good and Bad Branding

Are you attracting your desired customers?

The story of us is about your beginnings, where you come from and how you got to where you are, the story of us will help you get the customers your business needs, the customers that are willing to pay for quality and will treat you like the professional that you are. They are a joy to work with and have a close working relationship with you and your business.

Bad Customers
What do we mean by bad customers? Customers that are overly fussy to the point that you cannot do your job properly, or complain about things like prices even though they already accepted your services. Even if you went out of your way and did more than you said you would. you’re better off without these customers (although we will always advise sticking to contract particulars). They pay as little as they can and when they do pay it is often late, many man hours chasing payments due, also they don’t appreciate what you do, they complain about you to others without confronting you first making you look bad, this can damage your business reputation making it harder to pick up the next client.

If you are consistently getting these customers there is a big possibility that the message your business assets (logo, colours, flyers, website etc) are portraying is “our company isn’t doing very well, we do cheap work because we are desperate for work, we are not professionals, we haven’t spent a lot on our brand and we are not going to be around for very long.”

A Professional Brand
Having a brand that is professionally designed using the design principles created on the basis of psychology as a base that depict a defined definite message attracts customers that are better suited for what you do, this is better known as ‘the story of us’, this tells your customers who you are and what you do, it tells them what kind of experience they will have when they use your services, and most of all, it allows you to stand out from the competition. 

Customers who experience your story have a different mindset, they know what they want to achieve, they know you can do it, but are not sure how to get there, they’re willing to pay to find out, to listen to you as the expert, they will treat you like the professional that you are and will go on to recommend you to everyone they meet, They are a joy to work with and become valued repeat customers.

Your Business Adventure
We understand you might not have a lot of money at the beginning of your business adventure, so designing branding materials yourself or getting your neighbours child who is just out of school to do something might seem like a good idea, but this is something that will most definitely hinder your growth and blur your message resulting in the consequences of attracting the wrong kind of customers. this is the first step in destroying the message you want to tell your customers, pushing the good customers away and giving your company a bad name before you even had the chance to get started. If you are serious about your business you should invest in your branding materials and graphics to allow your new business to get off to the best start.

When choosing someone to create your branding, do invest some time in looking at good designs, (Pinterest is great for this) and watch some YouTube videos on the principles of brand development.  This way you will better be able to choose someone that knows what there are doing and you will have a good idea on what to expect from the process, but most importantly, when you choose someone, make sure that person is able to explain the concepts and ideas behind their portfolio.