About us

Find out who we are and what inspires us to design graphics and websites

Dot voice believe that communication is essentual to every business in order to give the right impression, we do this by using design as a tool.


Kelly has huge ambition and wants to own the world by tomorrow. Her favorite phrase is "this time tomorrow we'll be millionaires".

For the last 5 years, Kelly has been developing websites for her own clients and wanted to move forward a little faster than she was, seeking a business partnership in order to get more done.


Glynn is determined and precise, inspired by computers at a young age, his ambition is to be a part of the Borg collective.

Before going to university Glynn used to own his own web development business but decided to learn about design instead, earning a bachelor's degree in web and graphic design around 2 years ago.

Powerful, knowledgeable and it works.

When you purchase any type of ready-made design, you soon realize that you are not getting the results expected. The reason is that since these designs were not made for you, the person creating the design did not know who your customers are and therefore could not create a design suitable for your business.

We care about good design practice and procedures that will ensure great results

We want businesses to know that design is not a subjective field, it is very objective and although our work looks great, the most important thing to us is that it helps to improve your business so you can see real results.