Who are dot voice and what do they stand for

Dot voice is here to make sure your business gets a voice on the internet, to allow you to stand out from the competition in order to exceed in your goals.


Who we are

Dot Voice was founded by Kelly and Glynn, both have a long background in Website Design & Graphics. Eager to constantly learn we are up-to-date with the everlasting changes in the design industry to make sure we stay ahead of the competition.

Responsive design on ipad

What we do

We work with you to define and achieve your goals, producing assets that will enhance your customer's experience of your business so that you attract the audience you seek.

Passion for design

Why we do it

We thrive on the ability to take businesses to the next level, to watch as they grow and succeed as a consequence of our help.

We Believe

  • Keep it simple
  • Quality beats quantity
  • Make it work
  • Keep on learning
  • Make it better
  • Ask questions
  • People not profits
  • Keep moving forwards
Our core beliefs serve as the foundation that drives forward every project we work on.
Glynn Alexander, Dot Voice co-founder